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Here you can read about our Society and our Citroën Kégresse P17 E.

We are continuously working to collect all kinds of information about Citroën Kégresse cars, to make it available to the world.



2021 updates

- August 31s.: Sorgenfri Slot Classic Car Festival

- August 20th.: New register nr. 24.

- August 8th.: Le Rally des Kégresse at Vincy-Manœuvre update

- July 21th.: Le Rally des Kégresse at Vincy-Manœuvre update

- July 3th.: Le Rally des Kégresse at Vincy-Manœuvre

- May 25th.: Bulletin Citroën from Michel Brunet and 2 new documents from Simon Jamain.

- March 20th.: 9 new AC documents uploades and minor updates on nr. 3 Postal cars in Austria

- March 16th.: New register nr. 23.

- March 14th.: Again new magior update on Postal cars in Austria, and Register nr. 22.

- March 7th.: New booklet on Postal cars in Austria, Register nr. 21, 6 articles on Kégresse.

- February 21th.: Market update

- January 30th.: A lot update on Kegresse in Austria


2020 updates

- December 27th.: The black Juorney in english and Pièces de Rechange P 17E uoloaded.

- October 20th.: New letter from Finland

- August 14th.: New tracks production.

- August 5th.: The scrapbook from 1922

- May 17th.: new page on tractor Kégresse, AC update AC84 ans AC348, Register update, new CH 2, GB 8.

- April 23th.: 5 new AC documents added and register 18 uploaded, new F 97 and F 98.

- April 11th.: News from the Falklands, news on the register and 2020 activity update.

- February 2nd.: New page for Kégresse in Finland.

- January 1st.: Lot newspaper and magazine articles from 1921-22 added.


2019 updates

- November 3rd.: Kégresse in Portugal new page.

- September 8th.: News on Kégresse in Austria, updated Register.

- July 21s.: Centenary at La Ferté-Vidame.

- July 11th.: Updated activity 2019, new article in danish, new page on Switzerland.

- June 29th.: film from Lizette.

- May 25th.: Invitation 100 year, New picture K1 Laubradet.

- April 19th.: New Booklist and upgraded Norway history.

- February 16th.: news from the Retromobile.


2018 updates

- December 16th.: new kégresse in Great Britain, program for 2019 releases and new film on 2017 activity.

- October 10th.: kégresse in France upgrade, the first two years!

- September 5th.: new Register, new pictures Croisiere Blanche and new add K1 trakcs.

- July 8th.: magior update with the Croisières pages.

- June 25th.: Booklist nr. 3 realesed.

- June 21th.: season start.

- April 2th. invitation to Cocktail Party.

- April 21th. Hotel Regina update.

- April 8th. mail runs again.

- March 15th.: new ad on marked page.

-Janyary 2nd.: new webpage launched. Most important updates:
   New version (15) of the Kégresse international register, Kegresse on Iceland 4, All 4 chapters of The Norwegian history.

- January 3th.: SOON we will launch the new website!


2017 updates

- July 17th.: we delivered the new tracks!


2016 updates

- October 25th.: We have one set tracks for sale.

- October 1s.: The Croisière Orange.

- January 26th and 28th.: New Track production.


2015 updates

- July 27th: The return of our Kegresse!


2014 updates

- October 4th: Kegresse register 14 uploaded.

- October 1st: New ad from Russia.

- October 1st: New Croydon Airport page.

- October 1st: New Track production page.

- May 23th: Upgraded documentabout Kegresse in Norway 1

- Januar 5th: Happy new year!


2013 updates

- October 2nd: Shoes for snow and mud – new production.

- September 22nd: Help needed – from Arjan Oosterhof.

- September 9th: New photo on old pictures page.

- July 10th: New photo on "old pictures" page.

- May 26th: New P107 mystery page.

- April 20th: New Reims 2013 page.

- February 27th: Kegresse register 13 uploaded!

- February 12th: Meet us at Reims!


2012 updates

- December 31th.: Happy new year!

- November 20th.: AC-xx-La--10hp, AC-xx-Les-Autochenilles-01,AC120, AC345, AC348, AC1595, AC1946 and AC3603.

- August 25th: The ICCCR page.

- July 29th: Met us at the ICCCR!

- June 6th: The Byrd Expeditions page.

- May 9th: Kegresse register 12 uploaded.

- April 4th: New booklet in English released: By car on Hardangerjøkelen.

- March 14th: New page on Kegresse patents.

- February 11th: Jacqueline de Ribes.

- January 9th: Happy new year!


2011 updates

- December 10th: P15 prototype page.

- October 30th: New page on Stamps.

- October 5th: Uploaded: AC83, AC84, AC224, AC-xx-P107 and AC-xx-The Citroen Kégresse.

- October 5th: Kegresse register 11 uploaded.

- September 11th: Hotel Regina page added.

- August 4th: Added AC2068, AC3763, AC3770 and AC4083 on the AC document page.

- August 4th: Two new, and one upgraded article from Pascal Honegger uploaded.

- July 20th: Kegresse register 10 uploaded.

- July 12th: First test drive of our Kegresse.

- May 22nd: Added brochure AC314 in English!

- May 4th: New photos from Russia!

- April 24th: Kégresse register v9 uploaded.

- April 24th: New upgraded Kégresse booklist.

- March 28th: Kégresse K1 film in Norway released and new K1 page.

- February 17th-18th: Several commercial brochures, an instruction manual and a spare part's catalogue.

- February 12th: new version 1.1 of the Kegresse models document uploaded.