The track production

The tracks on our P17 was completely worn out, which is why we started anew  track production!

There was nowhere we could to order a set track for a Kégresse P17, so we had to find out how to make them ourselves.

It took a few years to develop them. We started by mesuring some old NOS parts, make drawings of them and define the right measure of the pads.

Our tracks are made from very high quality materials, with specifications like the originals, only for the inner pieces we choose a different material than the original, where we chose to use rubber.

It wasn't that easy, but we gained some experience producing the first set. Hopefully this will be for the benefit of others, as we have decided to produce a small series of tracks only by preorder, of complete track tetsed and ready to drive, or only rubber set.


We collect orders for a minimum of two cars or more before we start the production.


The first serie was produced in the long period of 2007-2011.

The second serie we produced betwen 2016 and 2017.


The third serie from 2020-2021. One set has been already sold, but we have two more set in this production.


If you are interested to buy the tracks contact us