P7 bis prototype

The new tracks are consisting of steel plates fixed on a band of rubber. Each steel plate are supported a pave made of rubber outside and inside steering blocks in fiber and traction metal bolts

  • The first version had simple round holes in the wheel and tapered metal bolts to prevent the band from sliding around
  • In the second development, the holes are made larger and there is significantly more grip between the bolt and the holes
  • The final version is as we know it, with open spokes in reinforced and large blocks in fiber material for even better traction

I have had this photo since 2018, and all along I thought it was a model P7 bis. On closer inspection, you can see that it is not quite correct, because the notches on the bands are different from the ones we know!

I haven't noted where I got it, I'm sure it's from a vintage car forum, has anyone seen this picture? Contact me if you have. HERE

In the book "Le grand album des Citroën-Kégresse sous l' uniforme" by François Vauvillier there is a page that mentions the new type of track.


The book is highly recommended, as there is a lot of information and pictures about all models that have been in military service in France.


The book can be purchased from the publisher Historie&Collections HERE

From the Bulletin Citroën, some pictures about the new tracks test.