Le Rallye des Kégresse 2021

On September 11 and 12, the village of Vincy-Maneuver, about 70 kilometers east of Paris, had hosted the Journée de la chenille, a weekend filled with military vehicles. As part of this event, the first Rallye Kégresse in recent times was organized. The occasion was the celebration of the 90 years of the yellow expedition. 14 Kégresse participated in the Rally, most from France and one from Denmark, which was the largest concentration of Kégresse since WWII, this time with peaceful intentions. A 6-kilometer drive each day was planned in which most Kégresse participated. A 600sqm stand was dedicated to the expeditions of the Citroën Kégresse Autochenille.

Thank you to the organization for this fantastic initiative.

We hope that more will come in the future,

where more Kégresse can participate.

King Christian X emblem

King Christian X photographed in a Kégresse K1 just outside of Copenhagen in 1923. The Kégresse was tested by the Danish army over several years in all

weather conditions. Christian X was born in 1870 and was King of Denmark during the German occupation in 1940-45. The Emblem is the King’s initial “C X” on a background of the Danish flag “Dannebrog”. It was worn in the jacket buttonhole.

The emblem was popular during the occupation as a small symbol of resistance.

Le Rallye des Kégresse

Pictures from facebook, Per and Henrik

Le Rallye des Kégresse

Foto: HPA