Kégresse in Norway

Much has happened since the last time we published the first part of Kégresse in Norway!

Now the articles about Kégresse in Norway consist of 4 parts: the early years, the P15, the P10/17 and the P107 models.




Citrophile 2017


Kégresse in Norway 1

about the earlier models


Kégresse in Norway 2

the P15 snow models


Kégresse in Norway 3

the P10-17 series models


Kégresse in Norway 4

the P107 trucks

Kegresse K1 Labourdette

A fascinating history about a special Kégresse passing Norway on its journey, and later used in the Alps.


Read HERE about this car.

Krybebånds Societet

By car on Hardangerjøkelen

An easter trip on the glacier Hardangerjøkelen for testing the Kégresse's ability in the snow.

In fact this story we have already released in the second part of Kégresse in Norway. But now we have chosen to publish this as a separate booklet.

The story is about an attempt to advertise and sell Kégresse to areas where winter tourism was and still is very popular. The trip was with an open P15N sent from France.

The original booklet in Norwegian was published by Automobiles Citroën, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen in 1929.


The English version is translated by Per Nielsen from Krybebånds Societétet.


Read the story HERE

This photo we have from Mariestue, when the Kégresse stopped by the Hotel in 1929.

Krybebånds Societet