Kégresse in France


Where should we start? From the beginning of course!

History of the first two years of Kégresse, from the first prototype to the first Raid Citroën, told through pictures, reports and newspaper reviews.

Most of material is found at the French National Library, thanks for the oportunuty! High resolution pictures and newspaper can be study online.





Factory press pictures dated January 1921

One Kégresse K1 prototype: 3668-W-1




At the "concours de chars de montagne" organized by the Automobile Club held in Aix-les-Bains on Mount Revard, dated 5-9 February 1921.


3 Kégresse K1 prototype: 3668 W1, and K1 5667 W1 and 5668 W1




On September 1921 the Regina hotel is the location of a strange sight: a tracked vehicle Citroën-Kégresse climb the stairs of the hotel to take a trip arounr the dunes, by the beach returning to the hotel - driving directly inside the building using the stairs again!

Read more and see the pictures HERE.

You can see the film by click on the picture or HERE, a second film can be seen HERE

A third film by Arte from 2017 can be seen HERE


2 Kégresse K1 Tous Terrain




XVI Salon de l'automobile,  Paris 5-16 october 1921.


Do somebody knows more about this show?

Wanted pictures from this show!






Top: Kégresse K1 Nèige with 2 place body.

Bottom: a Kégresse K1 Tous Terrains with touring body.


The newspapers wrote:

Le Génie civil: 11.12.1921

Sometimes around 1921 is this pictures of this Kégresse K1 Nèige 2 place with registration number 2280 W1 from.

We will see around many places in France. Tipically with Adolphe Kégresse at the wheel.

The Magazine Omnia in january 1922 iusse wrote a road test on a Kégresse car.





6 Citroën-Kégresses participated at the snow raid in Annecy-Chambéry, 7-10 februar 1922 and 22 februar.

There is a rapport and a lot pictures, we have collected and translate in this booklet: HERE

Read the french version HERE


6 Kégresse K1 Nèige: 9007-E3, 2271-W1, 2272-W1, 2273-W1, 2280-W1 and unknown number.

This Kégresse K1 Nèige with registration number "2273 W1" has been on he trip to Norway in february 1923 with 2280 W1 and the K1 Labourdette.




2 Kégresse K1

Left: general Sackville West

Right: general Sikorski

at the grandes manoeuvres de Coëtquidan, 14-15 september 1922

The newspapers wrote:

L'Auto: 17.09.1922

L'Auto: 19.09.1922


Camp de Châlons


4 Kégresse K1 Tous Terrains: 78 029, 78 030, xx(78 031?) and xx(78 032?)