Kégresse in Denmark

We have lots of information about Kégresse in Denmark in the early years, most of this material comes from the Danish Army: Reports, pictures and correspondence between the Citroën factory, the Danish Army and DFA who wanted to buy the Kégresse license to the system.


More of these storyes as soon as possible.

In 1923, a trial run was made, with Denmark's King Christian X in the back seat.

Photo cortesuely DVK archive

August 1925, Tests made by by the Danish Army, the car is a P7T with a 5 seater torpédo body.

Photo Krybebaands Societet

Above and right: Paris 1924, testing the Danish Triangel truck (HtK 34) with a P6 Kégresse mounted, just before delivering.

Photo Krybebaands Societet

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This Water color illustrations are made by the illustrator Sven Henriksen (1890-1935) to the newspaper BT. We do not know if this drawing was printed in the newspaper. We are in the process of investigating it. Undoubtably inspired by the great publicity of the Yellow Expedition...