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Here you can read about our Society and our Citroën Kégresse P17 E.

We are continuously working to collect all kinds of information about Citroën Kégresse cars, to make it available to the world.

Register update nr. 21

several small updates this time. Sebastian Draga from Poland has bought a lot of remnants of a P19 in Norway. He is missing many parts for the project. Dun you have some extra? He can be contacted HERE

New articler posted



Citrophile 2017


Great Britain

The Motor

What is it

A Successful Tractor


Krybebånds Societet


Traxion 48-2014

Last update: 7. march 2021

Kégresse in Austria update again!

Since the last update, a lot of material has come about Austria!

Now we can almost be sure how many cars have been in the Postal Service.


Many thanks to Wilfried Pleiter from Germany for the big help! HERE


The story of the Postal cars went to fill so much that a booklet of 25 pages has been made, Download it HERE