The 2022 season

Græsted Veterantræf

4-6 June: the annual show with the  tentcamp and the Kégresse.

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When a Bugatti needs a Citroën Kégresse

Grand Prix de l'A.C.F. Montlhéry 19.07.1925

Starting number 22, Meo Constantini in the Bugatti Type 39 is pulled by a Citroën Kégresse at the start to save petrol, as they were not allowed to refuel en route.

5 Bugattis took part in the race, Meo Constantini won in the 1.5 liter class.

The cars for this race had to be equipped with all accessories for street use: mudguards, light, self-starter, spare wheel, windscreen and hood. Even a sandbag was included to pretend that there was a passport holder in the car. Refueling was not allowed along the way, so some of the cars in the 3 liter and 5 liter classes had extra large tanks.


Citroën Kégresse model P7t produced from mid 1925 to mid 1927, the last with fully cast rubber belts. This one had had the rear wheels turned 180 degree so now the front wheels were pulling, unlike before when it was the rear wheels that pulled.