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The Creeper Track Society of November 16th, 2006!


Since 2007 the leading website about Citroën Kégresses vehicle history and documentation!


Here you can read about our Society and our Citroën Kégresse P17 E.

We are continuously working to collect all kinds of information about Citroën Kégresse cars, to make it available to the world.

Register update nr. 25

several small updates this time.

Thanks to Maxence Lebourg for input!

Tracks production

If you are interested in getting a new ribbon for your Kégresse, we have a solution for it!


Read about the tracks here


We have two sets of tracks ready for assembly contact us for delivery time.

La Croissière Jaune books

From L’Asiathèque, a brief summary of the expedition, 56 pages in French.

From the Internet Archive you can read this full version from the Digital Library of India, a massive book of 534 pages you can read online or download.

Click on the front page to get to documents.

Last update: 08. May 2022