We are

"Krybebaands Societetet af 16. november 2006" - The Creeper Track Society of November 16th 2006 - an honourable bunch of five vice-presidents as we're all old enough to do without a president.


Below can you read about every member.

Vice President Henrik Jacobsen

Drives a HY van for everyday use - if not his Traction Cabriolet or a Fiat 500. The Citroën Kégresse is just a natural supplement to his other cars...!

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Vice President Eugenio Lai

Born in Sardegna - goodlooking man, not searching for a nice girlfriend anymore!!! Also drives a Traction Cabriolet allmost every day in the summertime...

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Vice President Jens Møller Nicolaisen

Driving Traction Van and Cabriolet, sometimes the DS, allthough he's married (the wife drives a Fiat 124 Spider). One of the founders of Traction Avant Danmark, club magazine editor through 35 years and author of a few Citroën-books too. Read more

November 16th. 2008

Vice President Jens Nielsen

Being a Goldsmith he is familiar with iron, but the P17 is a bit heavier - so Jens attend many other tasks than the practical work on our car. Taking 100s of nice pictures and rocketing the true spirit of adventure into the rest of the crew!

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Vice President Per Nielsen

I have a wide interest of auto history car technique.

Early cars, especially steam cars are his favorites. I drives a 1910 Stanley Steamer. Among his garage projects is a 1924 Voisin C4 and a 1903 Locomobile.

Per also bears the title: ”Driver of the oldest running car in the world”. The car is the Danish build 1888 Hammel in the collection of  The Danish Technical Museum.

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First group picture after the purchase of the Kégresse, may 23th. 2007

Honourable Member Georges-Marie Haardt

Unfortunately he is dead. But true enthusiasts will know who he is - the leader of all the great croisières by Citroën and the right hand of André Citroën. Another of his many admirable virtues was never missing his morning shave!

Supporters in Denmark:


Torsten Laursen Vig

Gert Bue Larsen

Bjørn Mogensen

Frida Kuhn Nicolaisen

Ellen Nørregaard

Supporters in the world:

Many... unfortunately we can't name all - though It should be mentioned that we do have a fan-club in Norway!


November 16th. 2015