2024 updates

- March 28th: Speedometer and new AC 406 and better AC 345


2023 updates

- December 31s: La Journe de la Chenille photos page

- December 3rd: La Journe de la Chenille program

- August 23th: La Journe de la Chenille invitation

- May 6th: Adolphe Kégresse page, new film on Arcachon, update on Kegresse in Finland

- January 12th: P7 bis prototype page, register update nr. 24


2022 updates

- December 30th: Happy new year with coal Kégresse

- November 27th: Update Kégresse in Austria

- October 15th: News on Portugal, 11 AC notes and AC 29, AC427 and AC676 uploaded

- May 8th: Register nr. 25


2021 updates

- October 22nd.: Le Rallye des Kégresse!

- August 31s.: Sorgenfri Slot Classic Car Festival

- August 20th.: New register nr. 24.

- August 8th.: Le Rally des Kégresse at Vincy-Manœuvre update

- July 21th.: Le Rally des Kégresse at Vincy-Manœuvre update

- July 3th.: Le Rally des Kégresse at Vincy-Manœuvre

- May 25th.: Bulletin Citroën from Michel Brunet and 2 new documents from Simon Jamain.

- March 20th.: 9 new AC documents uploades and minor updates on nr. 3 Postal cars in Austria

- March 16th.: New register nr. 23.

- March 14th.: Again new magior update on Postal cars in Austria, and Register nr. 22.

- March 7th.: New booklet on Postal cars in Austria, Register nr. 21, 6 articles on Kégresse.

- February 21th.: Market update

- January 30th.: A lot update on Kegresse in Austria


2020 updates

- December 27th.: The black Juorney in english and Pièces de Rechange P 17E uoloaded.

- October 20th.: New letter from Finland

- August 14th.: New tracks production.

- August 5th.: The scrapbook from 1922

- May 17th.: new page on tractor Kégresse, AC update AC84 ans AC348, Register update, new CH 2, GB 8.

- April 23th.: 5 new AC documents added and register 18 uploaded, new F 97 and F 98.

- April 11th.: News from the Falklands, news on the register and 2020 activity update.

- February 2nd.: New page for Kégresse in Finland.

- January 1st.: Lot newspaper and magazine articles from 1921-22 added.


2019 updates

- November 3rd.: Kégresse in Portugal new page.

- September 8th.: News on Kégresse in Austria, updated Register.

- July 21s.: Centenary at La Ferté-Vidame.

- July 11th.: Updated activity 2019, new article in danish, new page on Switzerland.

- June 29th.: film from Lizette.

- May 25th.: Invitation 100 year, New picture K1 Laubradet.

- April 19th.: New Booklist and upgraded Norway history.

- February 16th.: news from the Retromobile.


2018 updates

- December 16th.: new kégresse in Great Britain, program for 2019 releases and new film on 2017 activity.

- October 10th.: kégresse in France upgrade, the first two years!

- September 5th.: new Register, new pictures Croisiere Blanche and new add K1 trakcs.

- July 8th.: magior update with the Croisières pages.

- June 25th.: Booklist nr. 3 realesed.

- June 21th.: season start.

- April 2th. invitation to Cocktail Party.

- April 21th. Hotel Regina update.

- April 8th. mail runs again.

- March 15th.: new ad on marked page.

-Janyary 2nd.: new webpage launched. Most important updates:
   New version (15) of the Kégresse international register, Kegresse on Iceland 4, All 4 chapters of The Norwegian history.

- January 3th.: SOON we will launch the new website!


2017 updates

- July 17th.: we delivered the new tracks!


2016 updates

- October 25th.: We have one set tracks for sale.

- October 1s.: The Croisière Orange.

- January 26th and 28th.: New Track production.


2015 updates

- July 27th: The return of our Kegresse!


2014 updates

- October 4th: Kegresse register 14 uploaded.

- October 1st: New ad from Russia.

- October 1st: New Croydon Airport page.

- October 1st: New Track production page.

- May 23th: Upgraded documentabout Kegresse in Norway 1

- Januar 5th: Happy new year!


2013 updates

- October 2nd: Shoes for snow and mud – new production.

- September 22nd: Help needed – from Arjan Oosterhof.

- September 9th: New photo on old pictures page.

- July 10th: New photo on "old pictures" page.

- May 26th: New P107 mystery page.

- April 20th: New Reims 2013 page.

- February 27th: Kegresse register 13 uploaded!

- February 12th: Meet us at Reims!


2012 updates

- December 31th.: Happy new year!

- November 20th.: AC-xx-La--10hp, AC-xx-Les-Autochenilles-01,AC120, AC345, AC348, AC1595, AC1946 and AC3603.

- August 25th: The ICCCR page.

- July 29th: Met us at the ICCCR!

- June 6th: The Byrd Expeditions page.

- May 9th: Kegresse register 12 uploaded.

- April 4th: New booklet in English released: By car on Hardangerjøkelen.

- March 14th: New page on Kegresse patents.

- February 11th: Jacqueline de Ribes.

- January 9th: Happy new year!


2011 updates

- December 10th: P15 prototype page.

- October 30th: New page on Stamps.

- October 5th: Uploaded: AC83, AC84, AC224, AC-xx-P107 and AC-xx-The Citroen Kégresse.

- October 5th: Kegresse register 11 uploaded.

- September 11th: Hotel Regina page added.

- August 4th: Added AC2068, AC3763, AC3770 and AC4083 on the AC document page.

- August 4th: Two new, and one upgraded article from Pascal Honegger uploaded.

- July 20th: Kegresse register 10 uploaded.

- July 12th: First test drive of our Kegresse.

- May 22nd: Added brochure AC314 in English!

- May 4th: New photos from Russia!

- April 24th: Kégresse register v9 uploaded.

- April 24th: New upgraded Kégresse booklist.

- March 28th: Kégresse K1 film in Norway released and new K1 page.

- February 17th-18th: Several commercial brochures, an instruction manual and a spare part's catalogue.

- February 12th: new version 1.1 of the Kegresse models document uploaded.