Help needed!!

I am restoring my Kegresse P19 and I now face a problem I have a question about.
I replaced the diesel engine (which was not original) for an engine and gearbox of a C6E. Originally it should be an engine of a C6F, so the engine supports are slightly different. For that reason it is not entirely clear what the position of the engine should be.
The problem I have is that the propellershaft is apparently not right alined: the gearbox seems in a to high position, or, the Gleason Hypoid differential in a to low position. The propellershaft makes to sharp angles for the original C6 joints.

Can somebody help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Mail to: Arjan Oosterhof.

Success! We have the size to the old rubber bands

Does anyone know anything about Kegresse speedometers?

We asked before why the petrol gauge measuring up to 73 liters in the P17 E model.
In the photo bellow there is a second tank, but this is a P14 truck, much heavier vehicel!
Do somebody have an explanation about it?