Old pictures 
This picture of this P15N and all the 16 people was published in the swiss ATE magazine from sept. 2013 from "Association transport et environnement"
Thanks to Pascal Honegger for the picture.

Michel Brunet send this nice photo of a P17.

The first picture is a Kegresse P10 towing boats on the canal Liege – Maastricht. It have the dutch sign "Sleepdienst" (towing service) on it's roof.
The second picture is taken in Lixhe (B) is also a Kegresse P10 towing boats at the former canal Liege – Maastricht.
Both pictures are from the book over the history of the old canal by Wil Lem.

Picture 3 is a postcard from France.

Picture 4 and 5 are from a webpage about history of canal. More interesting things at: http://papidema.chez-alice.fr