Lecture 1 
Our first lecture was a success!

Our first lecture was held for a CitroŽn club on 12 April 2010. About fifty people showed up to learn about CitroŽn and Kegresses holdings.
The program was divided into five sections.
In the first part Vice President Per Nielsen told about the first year and why was there a need for tracked vehicles in Africa and the first Sahara tours.
The second part was held by Vice President Jens Nielsen, he introduced the Black expedition.
The third part of Vice President Jens MÝller Nicolaisen introduced firm CitroŽn and the method it used to advertise their products.
In the fourth section Vice President Eugenio Lai told about all the topic we reached since the Societe was founded.
The last it was held by Vice President Henrik Jacobsen, and was about the story of our car.
To keep the mood up, we were all five showed up in uniform, and was decorated with several typical artifacts!