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Photo: The Royal Guard Hussar Regiment, Historical Collection

Here you can read some articles about Kegresse in different countries, mostly from Scandinavia, but all have new and unknown material that has not been published before.

Kegresse in Danish Army
Kegresse on Iceland
Kegresse in Norway 1
Kegresse in Norway 2
Models and history by Pascal Honegger
All the Models - by Jens MÝller Nicolaisen
Kegresse K1 Labourdette
Kegresse in Russia
Hotel Regina
P15 prototype
Kegresse patents
By car on HardangerjÝkelen
Byrd Expedition
Propulseur 2 galets
Croydon Airport


Much has happened since the last time we published the second part of Kegresse in Norway!
Our plans about the articles of Kegresse in Norway will consist of 4 parts: the early years, the P15, the P10/17 and the P107 models.
But, now just after the second article, we have already received so much extra material that we have to write it all over again!
Much of the material relates to the early years. We have (besides the movie with the K1 Labourdette), found several cars that have operated in Norway, we have been in the archives of the largest daily newspaper, and found many articles on Kegresse.
Here is a clipping from the newspaper dated 12th february 1923, when they present the test of a half track from France.