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Here's the article by Jens MÝller Nicolaisen in Attraction 272, july 2007. Attraction is published by three danish CitroŽn car clubs together.

You can read (in danish) the history about CitroŽn Kťgresses, the different models, CitroŽn croisieres in Africa and Asia. Also you will find the little information we have about Kťgresses owned by the danish army - if you know more, please contact us!

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Download the article from Veteran Tidende 415, january 2011

Download the article from Attraction 272, july 2007

Download the article from Attraction 191, january 1994

Download the article from Attraction 164, july 1989

Download the article from Bilhistorisk Tidskrift 46, spring 1976

Download the article from Motor, january 1925


This Water color illustrations are drawn by the illustrator Sven Henriksen (1890-1935) to the newspaper BT. We do not know if this drawing was printed in the newspaper. We are in the process of investigating it, probably have been written great publicity for the Yellow expedition, as this drawing was inspired by.