Kegresse K1 Labourdette 

A treasure has been saved...!
From Denis Houriez in France we have received a little roll of 35mm film. Fragile and with damaged perforation it had to be restored - and of course digitalized. Finally this is now done! We are happy to present 21 intensive seconds of Kegresse history!
We will return with more information about the event - the snow tests conducted by Lucien Rosengart, the Norwegian part of it arranged by Mr. Faramond, head of CitroŽns Danish and Scandiavian branch in Copenhagen.

Finally the film is restored!
Watch the film here!

The car is a K1 with a very special Skiff-style body by the couchbuilder Labourdette, and very similar to the B2 Caddy Sport.

In the future you will find more about this special Kegresse car here.
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