Per Nielsen

I have a wide interest of auto history car technique. Early cars, especially steam cars are his favorites.

I drives a 1910 Stanley Steamer. Among his garage projects is a 1924 Voisin C4 and a 1903 Locomobile.

Per also bears the title: ”Driver of the oldest running car in the world”. The car is the Danish build 1888 Hammel in the collection of

The Danish Technical Museum.

Per enjoy driving this 1910 Model 70 Stanley Steamer. The quiet ride, the impressive acceleration and the ancient technology is the key  the absolute pleasure of steaming. The driving range between stops for water is just 25-30 km. You must have a sense of water to drive Steamer.

The Locomobile 1903 is not yet in running condition. The many hours of joy in the shop will soon continue on the road1924

Voisin C4 Sport. A small and very pretty car. Restoration is not yet started.

The 1888 Hammel is in the exhibition of the Danish Technical Museum in Helsingør. It is demonstrated a few times a year by a small volunteer car-group.

This group also works on the royal family’s first car: the 1906 Delaynay Belleville, a 1902 Conrad steam Car and the very exclusive 1924 Szawe.