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Citroen Kégresse P19B, the six cylinder version. I Wonder if it can be a P14 as the frame have the marked hump in the frame just before the tracks.

Probabily a mix of both?

The car has been stored for many years,it is partly restored but not finally assembled, although it is almost complete.

Regards from Norway, Henry Nilsen tlf + 47 90750221

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Tracks for Kégresse P10, P17 and P19

Hand made to original specifications, and produced by order. If you are interested contact us for the next production!

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Tracks for Kégresse K1


Cars & Men Association rebuilt the Golden Scarab of the first crossing of the Sahara in 1922.

On this occasion we have machined a track making mold for this Citroën K1.

The first track pair was dynamically tested at the end of July 2018 (see the test film), and gave satisfaction.


We will now proceed to manufacture the series of caterpillars.

The remanufactured tracks will have the following specificities:

Width: 155 mm

Length: 17 tampon of 243 mm = 4131 mm overall length (at the center of the track)

Thickness: 70 mm with a row of guide teeth in the center

Trough-shaped floor support

Kevlar inner cables and additional stiffeners

Indication on the outside of the words "Cars & Men" (200 mm x 45 mm)

1 year warranty

Price including VAT for the pair: 3.500 € including taxes, postage not included

50% deposit on the order and the balance on delivery estimated in November 2018


If you are interested, please tell us the number of pairs you want to order and send us by 10 September at the latest by mail to the association's address a 50% down payment check, knowing that the balance with the port will be payable on delivery.


Cars & Men Association

34 bis Douglas Haig Avenue

78000 Paris

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Citroën-Kégresse P17

J’ai a vendre cette  Citroën-Kégresse P17 de 1929 en l'etat, il manque les chenilles arriere origine, elle a etee transformee en tracteur forestier mais j'ai le bon pont arriere d'origine.

tel: +33 0384315842 ou +33 0607054179

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Kégresse P19B: differential with pinion and crown wheel Gleason 7 x 52 - worn.

Cloche de différentiel avec couple Gleason 7 x 52 - usée.

Contact Arjan Oosterhof:

Tel: 0031(0)6 27 37 42 91

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P I7 tank. Needs repairs because of a hole on the surface.

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Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

For those who wish, it is possible to manufacture tracks of a different length according to the ratings below; thank you in this case to contact us for a quote:


16 tampon of 243 mm = 3888 mm

17 tampon of 243 mm = 4131mm

18 tampon of 243 mm = 4374 mm

19 tampon of 243 mm = 4617 mm

20 tampon of 243 mm = 4860 mm

21 tampon of 243 mm = 5103 mm

22 tampon of 243 mm = 5346 mm

23 tampon of 243 mm = 5589 mm

24 tampon of 243 mm = 5832 mm

25 tampon of 243 mm = 6075 mm


We remain at your disposal for any further information on this and we ask you to believe, gentlemen, the expression of our warmest greetings.


Olivier MASI

President of the association Cars & Men

Direct working line:


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Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

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Citroën-Kégresse P I7

For sale

P I7 carte grise

tel: +33 0384315842 ou +33 0607054179

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Patins et des bandes pour chenilles refabriquées

tel: +33 0384315842 ou +33 0607054179

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Kégresse documentation


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