Kégresse in Great Britain

Aldershot, may 1923

The Queen of England during tests on a Cirtoën-Kégresse K1

We are interested to know more about early years of Kégresses in the United Kindom.......

Kégresser at Croydon airport in the thirties

Croydon Airport, located in South London, was the United Kindoms major international airport during the interwar period.

Citroën-Kégresse car was used to moove aeroplanes. We know they used at least three cars, one P4T with flat bed, one P4T with touring body and a P10/17 model with flat bed.

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The Citroën-Kégresse stock in Great Britain today before the Brexit.

According to our register there is notice of two others Kégresses, one should be in a museum in Yorkshire and the other one, a P 17D with registration BPU 875, sold at Sotheby in 1994. There is somebody who knows about theese two cars?