Kégresse in France

Hotel Regina

Again another film!

In the search for early Kegresse cars we found this interesting film taken in 1921, from the Gironde region website. This was one of André Citroën's great commercial stunts. We know all the pictures where some Kégresse drive out from the Hotel, down the stairs, and later after a trip to the beach returning to the hotel - driving directly inside the building (using the stairs again)!

Jacqueline de Ribes


From the magazine Vanity Fair we found this article written by Valerie Bitici.


A Portrait of the Countess as a Muse

Jacqueline de Ribes sits on the lap of her maternal grandfather, Count Olivier de Rivaud de la Raffinière, in the passenger’s seat of his 1932 all-terrain Citroën-Kégresse Autochenille car, one of only a handful produced, while on vacation in Saint-Moritz, early 1930s. Her sister Monique and their Scottish nurse are seated in the back. Jacqueline lived with her entrepreneurial grandfather for most of her early life.


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FOTO: Vanity Flair magazine