Jens Møller Nicolaisen

I was lucky to get hit by Citroënza more than 35 years ago (when I bought my first traction), and I have absolutely no wish for a cure!


Traction Avant is my main passion, but I also love the DS for obvious reasons. Through the years I had many Citroëns for everyday use, including 2CV, CX and others.


In 1982 I was one of the founders of Traction Avant Danmark. I've been editor of the club magazine since 1983 and done the TAD website since the beginning. I have written a few books about Citroën too, and done a lot of research on Citroën and the history, of course especially from a danish point of view. This part of the Citroën engagement is also the reason why I today have a very large collection archival materials, which have made it possible for me to make contributions to books and articles by authors elsewhere. At the moment I am doing a study of the "numéros de coque" of tractions in the Conservatoire Citroën. Among my ambitions and plans are two books; one for Denmark and one for the international market.


Through the times I've been an active in member several Citroën clubs and of course in Christiania Veteran Car Club in Copenhagen where our Kegresse is being restored. Practical restoration and crafts is another important element in my involvement. DIY!


From 2008-2012 I was in the Board of the Amicale Citroën Internationale. I am still a Delegate.


In 1980 I joined Dansk Veteranbil Klub – the national Danish Veteran Car Club. Since 2015 I have produced the monthly club Magazine, and since 2016 I have been the chief editor. A nice job!


Even if it's hard to believe, I have other interests too - among them my wife and kids, our house and garden, and my job. Educated as architect/industrial designer I run a little business doing graphic design - and most of the time I work at home.

You can visit my business here: Møller Nicolaisen design


Below you can see some pictures of my present cars...

I was lucky to buy this very original 11AL Roadster 1935 in 2003. The restoration was finished in 2009, just in time for the great meeting in Arras! Gris Irisé is the original colour!

I have owned this car since 1983 and driven it since 1992. It's one of three survivors of the socalled "11 Sport 450 kg Varebil" - 11BL 1950 converted as van by Citroën in Denmark. They built more than 530 of them...

DS21 Pallas 1971. I bought it in 1988 and drove it since 1990. Here we are in Paris at the "Jubilee" in 2005.

Beautiful, italian and the proof that we are not blind for other's, just because we love Citroëns! It's a Fiat 124 Pininfarina Sport Spider from 1971.

A fine CX 2400 TRi from 1983 - waiting for a light restoration - and the road!