Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 12:00 PM

We are coming to Retromobile!
If you are interested to meet some fo us, don't hesitate to contact us!

Soon we launch the new website!

Soon after a long time, we expect to launch the new website.
It will get a new layout and will be more manageable to find around, very important as it will be 5 times larger than the current one. We are checking the last proof before publishing.
We expect to have the new website ready by the end of January.

At the moment we have one set track for Kegresse serie P10, P17 and P19 in production to be delivered around spring 2017.
If you are interested contact us!

2018 updates
- January 3th.: Soon we launch the new website!

2017 updates
- July 17th.: We delivered the tracks!Track production.

2016 updates
- October 25th.: We have one set tracks for sale
- October 1s.: The Croissiere Orange.
- January 26th and 28th.: new Track production.

2015 updates
- July 27th: The return of our Kegresse!

2014 updates
- October 4th: Kegresse register 14 uploaded.
- October 1st: new add from Russia.
- October 1st: new Croydon Airport page.
- October 1st: new Track production page.
- May 23th: upgraded documentabout Kegresse in Norway 1.
- Januar 5th: Happy new year!.

2013 updates
- October 2nd: Shoes for snow and mud new production.
- September 22nd: Help need from Arjan Oosterhof.
- September 9th: new photo on old pictures page.
- July 10th: new photo on old pictures page.
- May 26th: new P107 mistery page.
- April 20th: new Reims 2013 page.
- February 27th: Kegresse register 13 uploaded!
- February 12th: Met us at Reims stock exchange!

2012 updates
- December 31th.: Happy new year!
- November 20th.: AC-xx-La--10hp, AC-xx-Les-Autochenilles-01,AC120, AC345, AC348, AC1595, AC1946 and AC3603 is been added in the document page.
- August 25th: The ICCCR page.
- July 29th: Met us at the ICCCR!
- June 6th: The Byrd Expeditions page.
- May 9th: Kegresse register 12 uploaded.
- April 4th: new booklet in english realesed: By car on HardangerjÝkelen
- March 14th: new page on Kegresse patents
- February 11th: Jacqueline de Ribes
- January 9th: Happy new year!

2011 updates
- December 10th: P15 prototype page
- October 30th: new page on Stamps
- October 5th: uploaded AC83, AC84, AC224, AC-xx-P107 and AC-xx-The Citroen Kegresse.
- October 5th: Kegresse register 11 uploaded.
- September 11th: Hotel Regina page added.
- August 4th: added AC2068, AC3763, AC3770 and AC4083 on the AC document page.
- August 4th: two new, and an upgraded article from Pascal Honegger is been uploaded.
- July 20th: Kegresse register 10 uploaded.
- July 12th: first test drive of our Kegresse.
- May 22nd: added brochure AC314 in English!
- May 4th: new photos from Russia!
- April 24th: new ugraded Kegresse register 9 uploaded.
- April 24th: new ugraded Kegresse booklist uploaded.
- March 28th: Kegresse K1 film in Norway released and new K1 page.
- February 17th-18th: several commercial brochures, an instruction manual and a spare part's catalogue - all now available from the AC-documents page!
- February 12th: new version 1.1 of the Kegresse models document uploaded.
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