History by models

History by Country

All The models

If you want to learn about all the many different Kégresse-models made by Citroën, and see pictures of all of them, we suggest that you study this document made by Vice-president Jens Møller Nicolaisen.

The text is in English.

Technical description

We are happy to present the article by Pascal Honegger, who has done a lot of research and work resulting in a general document about the company Kégresse-Hinstin, Citroën, dates and events, technical descriptions and much more!
This document is in French.

Kégresse K1 by Labourdette

This special car have its own page.

P15 N and the prototype

About the P15 N by Pascal Honegger and some pictures of a mystic version of the P15. Could it be an earlier prototype?

Propulseur 2 galets

About Kégresses with 2 big wheels.

Tracteur à chenille

The tractor Kégresse.

P7 bis prototype

About the first attemp to make a new track.