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The Creeper Track Society of November 16th, 2006!


Since 2007 the leading website about Citroën Kégresses vehicle history and documentation!


Here you can read about our Society and our Citroën Kégresse P17 E.

We are continously working to collect all kinds of information about Citroën Kégresse cars, to make it available to the world.


Kégresse documentation


If you have any AC documents you would like to share with everyone, please do not hesitate to contact us!

For sale

new tracks for Kégresse!


At the moment we have one extra set track for Kégresse serie P10, P17 and P19.

Hand made to original specifications and ready to ship.


If you are interested contact us!

Last update: 10. October 2018

Kégresse in France


Where should we start? From the beginning of course!

History of the first two years of Kégresse told through pictures, reports and newspaper reviews. Much of material is found at the French National Library

Nearly 100 pictures and other material have been collected from the library and other sources. Enjoy the page HERE