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The Creeper Track Society of November 16th, 2006!


Since 2007 the leading website about Citroën Kégresses vehicle history and documentation!


Here you can read about our Society and our Citroën Kégresse P17 E.

We are continously working to collect all kinds of information about Citroën Kégresse cars, to make it available to the world.

For sale

new tracks for Kégresse!


At the moment we have one extra set track for Kégresse serie P10, P17 and P19.

Hand made to original specifications.


If you are interested contact us!

Ready to ship!

Last update: 5. September 2018

New tracks available

Cars & Men Association, the project to rebuilt the Golden Scarab have machined a track making mold for the Citroën K1.

The first track pair was dynamically tested at the end of July 2018, and gave satisfaction.


They will now proceed to manufacture the series of caterpillars! More information HERE

Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

Des Voitures & des Hommes ©

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From the British Columbia Archives we found moore pictures from the Bedaux expedition. Read here

What is more enjoing to read the history of the Traversée du Sahara before going to sleep? Here the english version of the book, just download HERE